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Hello World
Welcome on KDZ, the software website of KinKo, online since 1997 ! Discover our products, real softwares developed only for your pleasure, available in english and/or french.

The left frame offers you to go directly to homepage of the softwares or to theirs suming-up when they have no homepage. If you want a list of all these programs with a short description and their summing-up, the visit of the site goes on with the catalogue...

Notice : some of them are becoming quite old and their use is now outdated by other commercial softwares. In the catalogue, you will find them in the section "Oldies". They are still there by sentimentality...

Soon : FitIt : a MP3 reducer
Your USB key is never big enough to store all your favorite MP3 songs ? This tool allows you to recompressre the files without noticeable quality loss (at least with your earphones). Depending on settings, you can downsize easily by 50% !

Nap 'n Coffee 2.3 Make people think your computer is really busy and go for a walk near the coffee machine ! This release offers a fake installation blue screen and a fake hard disk surface test. Available in english and french. Now it's FREEWARE !

NonoGraph 1.03 The new KDZ game !

Rebuild pictures in a grid thanks to clues on top and left of the grid. You'll become addicted to this game at the first try.
NonoGraph is a software that will help you to solve these logical riddles. With its very simple and intuitive interface you won't lose time and will be able to play even longer !

MiniSee 1.0 The smallest picture viewer (36ko...).

Tired of a mega-softwares that take 5 mn to starting and flood you with useless plug-ins ? You just wand to see some pictures ? 36 ko : this is the size on disk of this viewer !! Supported formats : JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, ICO, DIB, EMF. Zoom, full screen...

The Pub Cruncher 1.9 Close popup windows while surfing on the web. More than 600 known titles of popups and you can add more.

F2E 2.1 Micro Franc-Euro convertor (6Ko) with calculator.

MemoIt 2.0 Scotch Post-It all over your screen ! New since release 2.0 : Memo-It are saved when shutting down your computer.

KyLister 1.42 Mass emailer with multiple accounts and identity. New : add multiple emails in one click in Subsribers page.
Help us !
Our softwares are freewares so if you like them and use them quite often then help us to maintain this activity free.

The great true portal from where you'll find everything is this one : En plus c'est quand même vachement bien, c'est dire s'il faut y aller (sic).

Our softwares are freewares, this means they can be used without time or functionnalities limitations.

Beware, the distribution of a software of this site in a commercial CDRom or magazine requires the authorization of its author :-).
So beautiful !
At the beginning of the third millenium, when 56 ko modems where the best you could ever dream of, most of KDZ softwares where cardwares : users had to send a postcard of their town or country to have their personnal unlocking key.

In memory of this glorious era, here is the best of theses thousand postcards received by our authors.
A problem ?
All our softwares are zipped. If, while unzipping, you have a warning like "Invalid archive", this means that the download failed (thanks to our web hosting). Try again, and if it still doesn't work, write us to receive directly the freeware in your mailbox.
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All Kinko products are Y2K bug free and Euro compliant.
No bug were injured during the development of the softwares.
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